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My name is Cheryl Kees Clendenon, a California transplant to Northwest Florida. Been in the interior design business for 14 years and learn something new every day! This blog is about the day to day running of a design business and the crazy clients, silly subs, vexing vendors and exasperating employees! Join us for the ride!

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New ventures: crazy or truly insane?

The other day when a client asked me why had not been writing as much. I went through all my excuses..you know like the 24 hours in a day obstacle. She said, “well your tag...
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My day as a DXV rock star: priceless! Part 1

So now the big reveal has been, well, revealed. ( view it HERE) The projects myself and my 5 partners in shenanigans dreamed and designed then AGONIZED over for months have been shown to the world....
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KBIS. Just do it. Right.

  So here are a few of my tips for anyone who is not a veteran of the show….things learned from years to make it as awesome for you as it is for me! **Get...
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Why do I go to KBIS?

  I am off to Las Vegas next Sunday to attend the joint trade show of the kitchen and bath industry (KBIS) as well as the International Building show.  I am a veteran at these...
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Highpoint 2013! Fave Finds!

It is always a thrill to go to Highpoint for the twice annual furniture market show! Never know what you will find to bring back to clients and in my case my showroom too! Bar...
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