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My name is Cheryl Kees Clendenon, a California transplant to Northwest Florida. Been in the interior design business for 14 years and learn something new every day! This blog is about the day to day running of a design business and the crazy clients, silly subs, vexing vendors and exasperating employees! Join us for the ride!

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New ventures: crazy or truly insane?

The other day when a client asked me why had not been writing as much. I went through all my excuses..you know like the 24 hours in a day obstacle. She said, “well your tag...
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My day as a DXV rock star: priceless! Part 1

So now the big reveal has been, well, revealed. ( view it HERE) The projects myself and my 5 partners in shenanigans dreamed and designed then AGONIZED over for months have been shown to the world....
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KBIS. Just do it. Right.

  So here are a few of my tips for anyone who is not a veteran of the show….things learned from years to make it as awesome for you as it is for me! **Get...
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Why do I go to KBIS?

  I am off to Las Vegas next Sunday to attend the joint trade show of the kitchen and bath industry (KBIS) as well as the International Building show.  I am a veteran at these...
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