Who is this woman?

My name is Cheryl Kees Clendenon, a California transplant to Northwest Florida. Been in the kitchen and bath business for 13 years and learn something new every day! An Education in Fine Arts helped shape my perspective and how I view spaces.I am not sure that is what my Professors had intended but that is what I got out of it.

Previously, managed sales for two radio stations in San Diego and rehabbed houses for “fun”. Had to “reinvent” myself post divorce…and voila! Here I am 11 years later with two businesses and 6 employees. Poster child for bossy divorced women who need to find gainful employment while being mom and dad to two kids and have more guts than sense.

*I have a boutique design showroom and focus on design and furnishings for kitchens,baths and interiors. Work on homes from 200,000 to 5 million all along the Gulf Coast and sometimes around the country. I love remodels..takes way more talent!! And you are always the hero.

*My team consists of 1 Interior Designer, 1 Graduate Architect/Designer, two interior decorators and 2 additional showroom sales people and vendor specialists..part time and full time. They are all the BEST at what they do.

*I have two teenage daughters, a patient husband and a border collie smarter than some of my friends.

*My staff sometimes calls me the Dragon Lady but they love me (mostly) despite myself. It is not easy being me!

*I have a thing about men chewing gum in public…and no one on my staff is EVER to chew gum when in the showroom….oh wait..that is not pertinent is it? But does explain the previous statement.

* My clients love me because I never take the easy route and just agree with them..even though my life would be simpler and I might get to go home earlier  if I did….I give them my best shot 100 percent of the time because that is what they are paying me to do.

* I always have a reason why I choose something and a design rationale…it is never “just because it looks good”.

*I still get up every morning looking forward to every day. I will not lose my enthusiasm for what I do.

*My favorite quote is from Woody Allen ” 80 percent of success is just showing up”. Isn’t that the truth!!! Check out “Extraordinary Ordinary”

Each kitchen,bath,and living space, I design is unique and most importantly, is a reflection of the individual client’s personality, lifestyle and taste. I think communication with the client, subs and the builder are the building blocks to a successful project. I truly care about the end result and so does my staff.

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