Coastal kitchen with a twist!

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cheryl clendenon

Owner and Lead Designer at In Detail Interiors
My name is Cheryl Kees Clendenon, a California transplant to Northwest Florida. Been in the interior design business for 14 years and learn something new every day! This blog is about the day to day running of a design business and the crazy clients, silly subs, vexing vendors and exasperating employees! Join us for the ride!

This is a gorgeous home for super nice people who were a pleasure to work with! I loved the easy and casual style they embraced yet we were able to add a few elegant touches along the way to mix it up a bit. There is not much I do not love about the space!

The dark wood of the island that separates the kitchen from the dining in this open floor plan helps anchor the room.

The hood from Handcrafted Metal is the perfect foil against the textural brick walls.

A pot filler and a small coffee center makes the mornings easy!


oooh la la! Lights from Luna Bella add the twist to the space!


Distressed black walnut tops from Craft Art are stunning!

The wood ceiling is yet another detail that works so well with the overall design and "feel" of the room!

The cabinets are painted "elk horn cactus". A color from ML Campbell

What do you think? Do you like painted cabinetry or prefer wood tones? Do you like the mix of varied materials or prefer more streamlined look and same materials on all surfaces? Weigh in and let us know!

24 Comments to "Coastal kitchen with a twist!"

  1. Because I’m a woodworker, my vote is always for varnished
    wood. And I do NOT like to stain wood, and in fact, won’t. But that’s just my
    own little biases. To tell you the truth, Cheryl, if I moved into that house
    and saw that kitchen, I would just leave it alone. Even though it is not what I
    would set out to do for myself, what you did with it works so well that it would
    be an absolute crime to do anything but enjoy it. What you did with the painted
    wood and the ceiling and, frankly, the all of the composition works so
    perfectly that changing any portion of it would surely ruin it.


  2. that hood is gorgeous and so are the lights above the island. i’d love to see what the rest of this home looks like.

  3. OMG!!  My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first image of this gorgeous space.. Then I literally stopped breathing when I saw those to die for pendants.  Love, Love, (I could say that many times and it wouldn’t be enough) this kitchen.  The floors are gorgeous…every little detail is perfect. 

    • thanks Laura!

  4. What color did you use for the kitchen cabinets? 

    • it is called elkhorn cactus and is an ML Campbell color.

  5. WOW….this kitchen is perfect! what is the color on the cabinets? im looking for a color similar! help!

    • It is called Elkhorn Cactus by ML Campbell. ( Pratt and Lambert)

  6. I can’t get over the coffee cabinet. The water source turns the concept from practical to magical. Wonderful space!!

    • Thank you so much!

  7. Do you like the mix of varied materials or prefer more streamlined look and same materials on all surfaces? 
    kitchen backsplash ideas

    • I prefer a streamlined look usually but really depends on what else is going on in the kitchen!

  8. Where can one buy the “Lights by Luna Bella”…….I just love them!!

    • Call our shop! or email us. We are a retailer for their gorgeous lights!

  9. I LOVE everything in the kitchen BUT the lights DON’T GO WITH EVERYTHING ELSE!!! I LOVE painted cabinets and the mixture of wood grains with them. Whether it is the flooring or the counter tops or both!!!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this kitchen.

    Have always wondered. When you paint cabinets, how do you get that “baked on” finish to where it doesn’t look like you’re not back in college and in that apartment that has been painted a 100 times where you can see brush marks, etc? Can you tell in any way that they are painted? Love the color!!

  11. That coffee station is going to be loads of fun to clean the first time the drip mechanism isn’t aligned correctly. I don’t even want to think about getting beans underneath the slide out shelf.

    If space is that limited, go with a french press and heat your water in a microwave.

    • Thanks for your comments. Has not been a problem and have done many times…over FIFTEEN YEARS…so pretty sure I got it down.

  12. This is stunning! We recently bought an older home, total fixer upper, and my kitchen vision, in my mind, was this. I kept thinking, and trying to convey to others “Hampton Beach Home: Transitional/Traditional” lol

    I have my cabinets in place now, they are a VERY similar color (a touch more green undertone) and while I only have room for the one island, it is butcher block so I am happy to see you, a talented designer, chose it as part of your kitchen plan! I have struggled with the back splash selection and recently decided on brick and I am thrilled I stumbled upon this (while searching for something totally unrelated to the kitchen!)

    I have two questions, if you even still check this post that is over 2 years old! One, what color/manufacturer is the brick back splash? Two, how does it hold up behind the stove? I cook a lot, and fry occasionally and I was worried it would stain or not clean well.

    I had originally not wanted a vent hood, so I had a cabinet enclosure made for my exhaust system, but I have now decided that is going to have to be changed. Do you think a different medium behind the stove would work, if the brick is a problem for heavy cooking. (Ok, three questions!)

    Thank you so much and just wish I had seen this kitchen before now. It would have saved me (and my husband!) so much angst making decisions.

    Oh, and I wanted a bead board type ceiling from the beginning and didn’t do it. I now know, it is going to happen. It just belongs!!

    I can’t stop looking at this kitchen! Thanks again!

    • I just sent the link to this beautiful kitchen to my phone, and looking at it there, the color of the cabinets looks so much like mine, I’m thrilled. I kept worrying if it was too green, too gray, too taupe…now I love my kitchen again and I am so excited now to finish it! Thank you for sharing!

  13. What are those floors? Love them and the whole kitchen!!

  14. Cheryl,
    My husband and I love this kitchen. We would love to know how the black cabinets are finished on the dining room side. Do you have any photos from the dining looking into the kitchen? Also, what are the dimensions of this kitchen? We are not sure our spaceis large enough for a similar layout.
    Thank you!
    Tulsa, OK

    • Hi there! I cannot answer any questions on ghe blog about specific projects but you can email me through our website and will answer if at all possible! Thank you!

  15. Who is the manufacturer of the cabinets?

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