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New ventures: crazy or truly insane?

The other day when a client asked me why had not been writing as much. I went through all my know like the 24 hours in a day obstacle. She said, “well your tag line says working designer tells all sooooo why are you not just writing about your days?” Um yeah well this is why I worry that the producers interviewing me for a show TELEVISED about my days…could be detrimental to my pocketbook. Not that I do not live my life unfiltered anyway but occasionally do try put a governor on my mouth. This particular client laughed, and by laugh I mean guffawed at the thought that I hide ANYthing from anyone. My life is worn on my sleeve…and good damn thing or I probably could not remember anything.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of new clients ( three from out of town!) and completing some existing jobs as well as completing design concepts on other new (and exciting!) projects. More on the project on the Eastern seaboard later. LOVE the clients. And this was even after a 2.5 hour meeting on the squawk box sitting in my car. Tired after that but energized at same time.

BUSY with potential new place too. In better location with more traffic too and zoned commercial. Love my existing building but is getting too small but the real deal is I love love owning instead of leasing. Makes the weekend work fixing this and that not seem quite so onerous. Ya know? So since am now VERY late for work I will post a few sneak peak photos of new place…well the #maybemove. Let me know your thoughts.

Do you think old homes make good locations for a retail design place? 

photo 2-2

Sneaka peaka of main room. Love the wood work!

Sneaka peaka of main room. Love the wood work!
photo 1

View to the carriage house. Sadly it cannot be saved.

View to the carriage house. Sadly it cannot be saved.
photo 1-2

So much gorgeousness! This room would be the Cocktail room!

So much gorgeousness! This room would be the Cocktail room!


photo 2
old brick….maybe historical….but still painting white!

KBIS. Just do it. Right.

  So here are a few of my tips for anyone who is not a veteran of the show….things learned from years to make it as awesome for you as it is for me! **Get...
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Why do I go to KBIS?

  I am off to Las Vegas next Sunday to attend the joint trade show of the kitchen and bath industry (KBIS) as well as the International Building show.  I am a veteran at these...
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Highpoint 2013! Fave Finds!

It is always a thrill to go to Highpoint for the twice annual furniture market show! Never know what you will find to bring back to clients and in my case my showroom too! Bar...
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My dream bath…with Mr Steam!

Back from the most awesome BlogtourLA and dreaming of my new master bath. I have the green light from the spouse and let me tell you how I got it.  Me: “We need to redo...
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The new super power: Hindsight

I have decided to decree the newest and most exciting superpower of all time to be: HINDSIGHT. This is the superpower I would bestow on all my clients. Because God love ‘em, they need it....
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I am passionate. Why not?

This is going out again for that special someone who does not “get” it. Get real. Be real.    I would guess that most of my fomer teachers in school would say one of two...
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The truth about organizing

Some of you who pop in to read my blog upon occasion, may know I am undergoing an overhaul of my office. Suffice to say I needed to do some house cleaning. Heartbreaking to realize...
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Lust For Chairs

My name is Liz and I am an addict. There, I said it, but it’s not what you think. I mean, I do love my one cup of coffee in the morning…and a good glass...
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Tile of Spain: What is it?

As many of you know I am barely back from Germany and Amsterdam and the wonderful Blanco Design Council trip when I am off to Spain with the Tile of Spain folks, 3 fabulous Architects and...
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imm Cologne 2013: The people

After getting a really good night’s sleep, I am ready to hit the pavement and get back to work. I have lots to share on the blog about my impressions of the show, Blanco new...
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Kitchen Ideas That Work…Really!

Counting down the days to my incredible trip to imm Cologne in Germany and the Living Kitchen sponsored by Blanco  and decided it was good timing  to post a book review of one of our...
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Loving coral and green!

And lookee here what I found on my weekend excursions! A chair with some style points plus awesome coral and green fabric! Looks like Scalamandre to me but who knows? If you do know, share...
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